• Our leadership work in the ministry recognizes the authority of God, the guidance of our Pastor, and submits to serve as shepherds who are led by the Chief Shepherd of all, Jesus Christ.

  • Our desire is to prayerfully devote ourselves to sharing the teachings from The Word.

  • Our passion is to equip spouses to flourish in their relationship with each other, so they may live in the fullness that God offers.

  • Our hearts are to serve wherever God leads us.



About Luis & Angela

As the leaders of this ministry Luis and Angela have a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. They understand the power to change lives that emanates from the Scriptures. They have served in several ministries and capacities for over ten years, including recently leading a local marriage ministry. They have been married for over twenty years and have three children.  




The proceeds from the sale of our books are returned right back into the ministry so that we can continue to provide quality events and resources. Your donation to help cover administration costs are gratefully accepted.


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Remodel Ministries is grateful for the support that we receive from our sponsors. We hold dear their blessing and encouragement.

Blueprints Church, Wellington, FL

Blueprints Church, Wellington, FL


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