Excerpt from Chapter 2


"We express ourselves differently and both of us needed to learn one another’s style of expression. Just to summarize some of our styles of expression, I am open, talkative and like to be helpful and to respond quickly. Luis is more to himself, a man with not so many words; he only likes to respond if needed, and only when he has full information of the entire situation.

Learning each other’s style was not an overnight process. This takes years and dedication to one another. It also takes desire. You will not learn about your spouse unless you desire to do so. Desire leads to effort, effort leads to understanding.


By wisdom a house is built,

and by understanding it is established.

Proverbs 24:3, ESV


"We both had to learn not to think or act with our emotions. You cannot go based on your feelings all the time. Your feelings can get you into trouble.  Depending  on  your   emotional state for the day, you can perceive things that may not necessarily be correct. Our emotions can be deceptive. Try to focus on what your spouse is trying to communicate, and not necessarily how it may be said or how you believe it came across."