Do you feel like no matter what you do, you’re never doing the right thing for your spouse? Do you wonder what happened to the romance you shared before the honeymoon was over? Is your marriage starting to look a little rundown; perhaps a makeover is needed?


Marriage Under Construction:  The Books

The Bible details God's blueprint for a healthy marriage. In Marriage Under Construction, conference leaders Luis & Angela Hernandez examine this design and share what happened when they took their young marriage through six fundamental building blocks for a long-lasting marriage.


In their books, you'll find practical advice on: 

  • How to communicate to avoid unnecessary battles.

  • How to respect your differences and build a strong bond.

  • Why you should stop trying to change each other and what to do instead.


These books are right for you, if you want to build strength and durability into your relationship, and if divorce is not an option in your marriage.


Books available both in print and Kindle versions.