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Remodel Marriage Ministries began as a bible study for Luis and Angela Hernandez. The goal was to find guidance toward God's plan to protect and strengthen marriages. The resulting study has since grown into marriage conferences led by the couple.

In 2016, Luis and Angela wrote the books Marriage Under Construction (For Men), and Marriage Under Construction (For Women)These books are used as resources during their marriage conference.

When we marry, we take two individual lives, and rebuild them into a stronger, combined structure. After a time, this structure may be in need of a "remodel." The books and conferences show how couples can use God's blueprints to build their marriage in the design that He intended for us.


about the conferences

The popular "Under Construction" Marriage Conferences are a weekend away from the normal schedule, keeping the focus on strengthening the couples' relationships. New couples have an opportunity to build a strong foundation for young marriages, while established couples may want to take on a remodeling job.


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What conference attendees are saying...

All couples need help.
Every married couple should pay attention.
It’s good info for anyone who is married or looking to get married.
Needed for every marriage.
A great time with other married couples.
This was very helpful to us as we are struggling with some of the topics covered.

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