These books are right for you, if you want to develop strength and durability in your relationship, and if divorce is not an option in your marriage.


Marriage (for Men): Under Construction
By Angela Castillo-Hernandez, Luis Hernandez
Marriage (Women): Under Construction
By Angela Castillo-Hernandez, Luis Hernandez

What others are saying...

An in-depth look into a marriage from a young couples perspective (wife's point in this book). How it all relates to constructing a building. It all starts with communication, planning, foundation, hard work, perseverance and above all having GOD being the center of it ALL. The author brings biblical points from the Holy scriptures that support her view on this subject. The author explains it simple, clear and to the point, she brings to the pages her strengths and weaknesses to life. She speaks on her joys, fears, life's challenges and raising a family. It's a great gift for a future bride to be and for those of us who are seasoned in marriage, it's a blessing and an encouraging book!

—Dorothy Santos


I totally enjoyed reading this book. It's practical, easy to read, it's scripturally based, truthful and user-friendly. I love that I can refer to this book whenever needed, and then look up the scriptures to confirm its validity, and all of the scripture references have helped me tremendously and lifted me up when needed. I highly recommend reading this book, Angela and her husband have outdone themselves with these two books. They have a book for women and one for men.

—Wanda Chadwick

Amazing book!

—David Ortiz


Great Book. I purchased one for both my wife and I. I really like the dual aspects. There was specific insights for Men in my book and same for Her. I could really relate and use the exercises without my wife knowing I was following the instructions.

—Ralph Schultz